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Installing Microsoft Office 2019

Last Edit 2019-Jul-24

This is a media-less installation.

  • There will be an email with a download link.
  • Once you have promoted the PC to the Domain and logged in as the intended user get this link and go to it.
  • Aquire my software will open.
  • Log in with your Google Account
  • You will see the same activation code as in the email
  • This will register your software
  • and you will get an Activation Code.
  • This code will have been added to the Hardware Record.
  • Go to office.com

We need to create an account with Microsoft (Damn)

  • Using their email address
  • Put in the code & login
  • I am finding that you need to login twice and once you have to use the activation code to get the download started.
  • Blue clickable link to install
  • Follow the screens to get to the installation and start it.
  • This downloads a 1 to 5 meg file, and we need to run this.



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